Tourism & Hospitality Marketing

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About Us

Marketing Model is an all-encompassing marketing representation company that features solely tourism-related products and activities.

The company was started by Kirsten Van Der Hoven in 2021, during a very challenging time for tourism as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.

“I have developed and built mutually beneficial partnerships with key industry players and customers for more than 20 years. I have taken the brave step to start Marketing Model and with my valuable experience that I have gained, look forward to continuing to build these relationships.”  – Kirsten Van Der Hoven

our respresentation services include

Face to Face meetings with Product Managers & Consultants

Weekly reporting on feedback of past week

Representation at trade events and networking functions

Exploring and identifying opportunities to drive additional revenue streams

Emailing of mail shots which will include Newsflashes and sending of Product related content

Product Training &
Product Support

our Vision

A Proudly South African company focussed on developing and maintaining strong relationships between the product represented and the client for a sustainable future.

Shaking Hands
our Mission

Building a solid foundation based on values, integrity and honesty with the main objectives of establishing loyal partnerships and creating mutually beneficial opportunities.